Placement Training & services:

We are a leading Recruitment consultancy having teams of consultants specializing in a wide range of disciplines. Convolution provides a range of people solutions to our esteemed clients across industry verticals. With the help of large validated database, profiles are screened on a regular basis to ensure the right fit candidates for our clients.

Convolution trains weaker students through the campus recruitment program to cope up high end competition.

During last eight years Convolution Educare is providing Placement Support to huge no of students. Candidates are successfully placed in the following companies.
  • Ultimate Construction
  • Samson Controls (P) Ltd
  • Jogomaya Construction Company
  • Awake India Pvt Ltd
  • Brand Next
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Cognizant
  • W.B.S.E.T.C.L
  • Accenture
  • Infosys Technologies Ltd
  • HCL
  • IBM India Pvt Ltd
  • Capjemini
  • Bajaj Electrical Ltd
  • Rukmini Energy Pvt Ltd
  • TMEC
  • Emagination Technologies
  • Arjun Infoserve & E-Services Pvt Ltd
  • Fax Control
  • Indo Japan Horologicals (p) Ltd
  • Reliance Communication
  • Axis Bank
  • Sigma Research
  • M.N Dastur
  • Ispat Industries Ltd
  • Switching Avo Electro Power Ltd.
  • CMS
  • Airnet Tele Services
  • Kamuhati Solar Project
  • Webel Solar (Falta)
  • Vodafone
  • Mukesh Hyundai
  • Electro Zavod (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Indopower Project Limited
  • Agni Solar
  • Malfoni Networking Solutions Ltd
  • DD Group
  • Creogen Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Bangiya Gramin Bikash Bank
  • Starling & Wilson
And many more...
Following students are successfully placed through Convolution in the mentioned companies.
1 Sunavo Naskar K.S.O.U B.Tech(CE) Ultimate Construction 9/12/2015
2 Soumyajit Sarkar WBUT B.Tech(E&I) Samson Controls(p)Ltd 21/12/2015
3 Debabrata Mukherjee H.I.T B.Tech(CE) Jogomaya Construction Company 20/1/2016
4 Suvendu Saha H.I.T B.Tech(ME) South Calcutta Polytechnic 1/8/2015
5 Chandan Shee C.U. BA Awake India Pvt Ltd 20/6/2015
6 Tanmoy Ghosh IGNOU MCA Brand Next 16/1/2016
7 Sanjoy Mondal SIP Diploma(EE) Switching Avo Electro Power Ltd. 24/7/2015
8 Pabitra Jana BIT Diploma(ME) Mukesh Hyundai 5/1/2016
9 Indranil Dey KINGSTON Diploma(ME) Rukmini Energy Pvt Ltd 18/2/2016
10 Soham Halder JISSP Diploma(EE) Webel Solar(Falta) 22/2/2016
11 Munshitohid Hossain SCP Diploma(EE) CMS 25/1/2016
12 Somnath Das NP Diploma(ECE) Airnet Tele Services 9/11/2015
13 Abhijit Nag RKMS Diploma(ECE) Airnet Tele Services 9/11/2015
14 Priyanka Maity HIT B.Tech(CSE) Brand Next 6/11/15
15 Gopal Sarkar JLD Diploma(ECE) CMS 30/10/15
16 Atanu Bankura JLD Diploma(ECE) CMS 30/10/15
17 Romio Giri IST Diploma(ME) Kamuhati Solar Project(Madurai) 15/10/15
18 Arijit Mondal SMIT Diploma(ME) KamuhatiSolar Project(Madurai) 13/10/15
19 Sahil Akrom Bora DP Diploma(EE) CMS 13/10/15
20 Sourav Manna KONTAI POLYTECHNIQUE Diploma(EE) Kamuhati Solar Project(Madurai) 29/9/15
21 Tapas Turi NSP Diploma(EE) Kamuhati Solar Project(Madurai) 21/9/15
22 Partha Das NSP Diploma(EE) Kamuhati Solar Project(Madurai) 11/9/15
23 Sankar Ghosh NSP Diploma(EE) Kamuhati Solar Project(Madurai) 9/9/15
24 Saikat Bhattacherjee NSP Diploma(EE) Kamuhati Solar Project(Madurai) 10/10/15
25 Debkanta Ganguly NSP Diploma(EE) Kamuhati Solar Project(Madurai) 9/9/15
26 Sourabh Kota DURGAPUR POLYTECHNIQUE Diploma(EE) Kamuhati Solar Project(Madurai) 9/9/15
27 Akash Sarkar C.I.T B.Tech(ECE) CMS 25/1/16
28 Rasibuddi Ali KINGSTON Diploma(EE) Webel Solar(Falta) 22/2/16
29 Manas Dey SCP Diploma(EE) Vodafone 12/12/15
30 Sanju Middya PURULIA POLYTECHNIQUE Diploma(EE) Mukesh Hyundai 5/1/16
31 Prabir Sahoo JLD Diploma(EE) Mukesh Hyundai 5/1/16
32 Sohini Mondal H.I.T M.Tech (ECE) Electro Zavod(India)Pvt. Ltd. 5/1/15
33 Anuraj Bhadra G.N.I.T B.Tech Tata Consultancy Services Only Training
34 ArnabDutta RCC Institute of Information Technology B.Tech TMEC Only Training
35 Aviroop Rudra WBUT(FIEM) B.Tech L & T Only Training
36 Bedanta Banerjee N.S.E.C B.Tech Cognizant Only Training
37 Debabrata Samanta F.I.E.M B.Tech W.B.S.T.C.L Only Training
38 Sudip Kundu C.I.E.M B.Tech Accenture Only Training
39 Debabrata Biswas Narula Institute of Technology B.Tech TCS Only Training
40 Debanjan Saha Heritage Institute of Technology B.Tech TCS Only Training
41 Debraj Sinha Roy St Thomas College B.Tech Infosys Technologies Ltd Only Training
42 Deep Nag Heritage Institute of Technology B.Tech Infosys Technologies Ltd Only Training
43 Joydeep Sarkar P.C.M.T M.C.A Emagination Technologies Only Training
44 Debabrata Biswas N.I.T, Agarpara B.Tech TCS Only Training
45 Poulastya De RCC Institute B.Tech TCS Only Training
46 Sayantan Munshi B.I.T, Budge B.Tech (ECE) Infosys Training &Placement
47 Rupam Mazumdar St.Thomas College B.Tech (ECE) Cognizant Only Training
48 Sadikur Rahaman C.I.E.M B.Tech (ECE) ArjunInfoserve& E-Services Pvt Ltd Only Training
49 Partha Chanda F.I.E.M B.Tech (EE) L & T Only Training
50 Atanu Dutta F.I.E.M B.Tech (EE) HCL Only Training
51 Soham Bhattacharya C.I.E.M B.Tech (EE) Capjemini,Ericsion, L & T Only Training
52 Soham Chakraborty RCC Institute B.Tech Cognizant Only Training
53 Soumalya Mandal NetajiSubhasEngg College B.Tech (ECE) IBM India Pvt. Ltd Only Training
54 Subhamoy Saha Future Institute of Engg and Managemet B.Tech (EE) Bajaj Electrical Ltd Only Training
55 Suidipta Chakraborty Amity University B.Tech Reliance Communication Only Training
56 Sumit Dutta Narula Institute of Technology B.Tech TCS Only Training
57 Supratik Mazumdar NetajiSubhasEngg College B.Tech Cognizant Only Training
58 Surajit Bhadra KalyaniGovtEngg College B.Tech(CSE) TCS Only Training
59 Susovan Chatterjee NetajiSubhasEngg College BCA Axis Bank Only Training
60 Suvayan Sengupta N.S.E.C B.Tech TCS Only Training
61 Swapnadeep Nayak F.I.E.M B.Tech(CSE) Sigma Research Only Training
62 Uday Mukherjee N.S.E.C B.Tech (ECE) M.N Dastur Only Training
63 Pratika C.I.E.M B.Tech (ECE) HCL Technology Only Training
64 Sauparno Chaudhuri C.I.E.M B.Tech (EE) Fax Control, Ispat Industries Ltd Only Training & placement
65 Babu Bikash Pari C.T.S Diploma(Electrical Engineering) Starling & Wilson 15.09.2016
66 Preetam Biswas Rameswas ITI Orisha ITI(Electrician) Starling & Wilson 15.09.2016
67 Amit Karmakar Civil OM Ultimate Construction 29.06.2016
68 Deep Chakraborty Civil OM Ultimate Construction 29.06.2016
69 Joy Baply Camellia B.Tech Mam Enterprise 03.06.2016
70 Samiran Chowdhury Priyadarsini clg of Engg B. E Water tech Engg PVt LTD 27.07.2016
71 Indranath Chatterjee C.U LLB Water tech Engg PVt LTD 26.07.2016
72 Subhankar Bhattacharya Hoghly Inst of Technology Diploma Absotherm Facility Mang Pvt LTd 20.07.2016
73 Subham Bit Purulia polytechnic Diploma Agni power 27.04.16
74 Puranjit Das Narula Inst of Tecnology B.Tech Creogen Technologies Pvt Ltd 16.04.2016
75 Angsuman K.K.C.E.M B.Tech(civil) Youth Skill India 13.12.2016
76 Munshi Touhib Hossain South Calcutta Polytecnic Diploma CMS 14.01.2016
77 Arnab Parya Camellia Institute of Technology B.Tech CMS 23.11.2015
78 Pritam Dutta Camellia Institute of Technology 24.11.2015 B.Tech CMS
79 MD Nur Alam Saroj Mohan Institute of Technology B.Tech(EE) DD Group 06.11.2016
80 Joydeep Goswami Camellia Institute of Technology M.C.A Bangiya Gramin Bikash Bank 28.11.2015
81 Dipanjan Panja - M.Tech(Chemical Engg) Diach Chemical 04.04.2016
82 Subhasish Chakraborty Jadavpur University M.E Wipro Technologies 17.04.2016
83 Anik Das Saroj Mohan Institute of Technology Diploma (EE) Indo Power Project Pvt Ltd -
84 Subhas Bit - Diploma(EE) Agni Power Project Pvt Ltd 01.06.2016
85 Soumya Prakash Sil Birbhum Institute of Technology B.Tech(EE) Agni Power Project Pvt Ltd 01.06.2016
86 Joy Bapaly Camellia Institute of Technology B.Tech(EE) Mam Enterprise 12.06.2016
87 Saikat Debnath - B.Tech(EE) Emconn Business School 25.08.2016
88 Karna Kiran Mahato Dr. B .C Roy Engg College B.Tech (ME) Emars Group Pvt Ltd 02.12.2016
89 Arnab Sain Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology B.E(EE) DD Group Industries 17.04.2016
90 Indranil Bhattacharjee Regent Institute of science & technology Diploma(civil) Youth Skill 07.12.2016
91 Suman kr Baidya Camellia institute of technology B.Tech(EE) Symtron india pvt ltd 14.12.2015
92 Puranjit Dasgupta Narula Institute of Technology B.Tech(EIE) Creegen Technologies Pvt Ltd 02.05.2016
93 Anupam Ari Global Institute of science & Technology Diploma(EE) Starling &Wilson 17.01.2017
94 Samiran Choudhury Priyadarshini College of Engg B.E(ME) Water Tech Engineers Pvt Ltd 27.07.2016
95 Sayak Bhattacharya W.B.U.T B.Tech(EE) Malfoni Networking Solutions Ltd 07.11.20016
96 Sukhendu Bera - Diploma(EE) Starling Wilson 21.10.2016
97 Avijit Singha - BE(ME) Water Tech Engineers Pvt Ltd -
98 MD Ataursafi Rahaman Laskar Aliah University M.Tech(ECE) Youth Skill India 07.12.2016
99 Sayandeep Som Swami Vivekananda Institute of Technology B.Tech(ME) Youth Skill India 01.12.2016
100 Debaprasad Sahoo B.C.E.T B.Tech(EE) Youth skill India 07.12.2016
101 Chandreyee Mukherjee - Honours Axis Bank 28.12.2016
And Many More...